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Memorial Stones

Almost five years ago, I began a project that involves collecting stones from the hills that I walk in, painting on them and eventually returning them to the top of the specific hills from where they came, as memorials to individuals who have died.


The process started with the idea of walking and making work in memory of people who I have personally known. It has since grown and now I give some of the painted stones to other people.  They can name their own dead and keep the stone for a while before giving it back to me, to be returned to the land.


I have also travelled to Palestine on three occasions to continue this project. I gathered stones from specific walks, painted on some of these stones whilst I was there, giving these to people who wished to participate, bringing others back to Scotland to work on. I have now placed some of these stones back into the Palestinian landscape and over the coming years hope to continue to do so.

Jebel Bayzeed - Mahmoud.JPG
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